Before You Choose A Piglet

Before you choose a piglet or even consider getting a mini pig, please read this. Although we’ll provide you with a ton of information, it’s important you conduct your own research prior to adopting a pet pig.

First let’s start off by clearing up some common misconceptions. Terminology such as “Micro,” “Micro Mini”, “Nano,” or “Teacup” are just marketing to describe size (they are NOT an actual breed of pig), and are extremely misleading and false! All mini pigs are born small (less than a pound), but they don’t remain that size forever; they grow up like any other animal and fully mature around the age of five. No adult pig that weighs 10-20lb is healthy; but if fed correctly, piglets will stay a healthy small size in adulthood.

  1. Zoning Laws
    • You must check your local and state legislation for any laws regarding Pet pigs, Mini Pigs or Swine in general.
    • Most importantly you need to see if miniature pigs are allowed as pets in your area.
    • If pet pigs are allowed in your area, make sure you understand any requirements or regulations.
  2. Research
    • Please do your research about mini pigs and them as pets. You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to have some understanding about them and their behaviors.
    • It’s important you know how to handle any negative behaviors that could occur.
    • Learn about mini pig dietary needs. Many mini pigs are either over feed, or under feed (Starving your pig does NOT keep them small).
  3. Time
    • Make sure you have the time to take care of a pig, they’re a 15 year commitment. A lot of pigs are re-homed because their owners are “too busy”, and it’s unfair to the pig, they incredibly depressed and even cry. OR when bored pigs can get destructive, they need attention and toys!

We hope this information clears up any confusion or misunderstanding surrounding mini pigs, and have made the steps to pig ownership easier. Pigs are truly amazing creatures and make great pets. They’re are generally low-maintenance, but are not comparable to dogs or cats, as they are very smart and have different needs. We are always here to answers any questions you may have.

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