Why choose Noble Mini Pigs?

Look no further! You’ve found the best in the business. At Noble Mini Pigs, we are dedicated to raising happy and healthy pigs, renowned for their friendly nature and ideal size for families. Located in Almont, Michigan, our focus is on producing high-quality piglets with exceptional size and temperament. Choose a Noble Mini Piglet for the perfect combination of size, quality, and care.

Actually Small

The adult size of a pig is influenced by two key factors: genetics and diet. Our pigs always receive a proper diet, and with our outstanding breeding program, our piggies undoubtedly possess the genetics too.

JPAR Registered

We are a proud lifetime member of the Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR). All of our Juliana Pigs are registered with JPAR, and each of their piglets holds its own individual JPAR pet registration.

Blue Eyes

We are among the select few breeders who raise and produce rare blue-eyed piglets, with our blue-eyed lineage extending over three generations. We’re also the only breeder who produces extremely rare piglets that exhibit heterochromia, showcasing two different eye colors!

What Sets Us Apart

Our breeding practices are designed to produce exceptionally small, healthy, and well-socialized piglets. Each of our Juliana parents is registered with the Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR), ensuring they meet the highest breed standards. We are not a “piggy mill”; all our parent pigs are raised in our home and are members of our family. We never breed our pigs before they reach the age of two, and we strictly avoid overbreeding and inbreeding.

Support for New Pig Parents

Our responsibility doesn’t end when a piglet leaves our farm. We provide ongoing support to new pig parents, offering guidance on care, feeding, and training to ensure a smooth transition into their new homes.

We love receiving updates and pig-tures from our families, as our piglets grow. We are always available to provide support and answer questions or concerns as your piglet grows!

Mini Pig Info

Learn about what makes our pigs different and find out what’s included with them!

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