Breed Information

What's the difference?

At Noble Mini Pigs, we believe in properly educating everyone looking to adopt one of these gorgeous babies. Here is where you can learn more about the breeds we offer.

Breed Information

Learn about two types of pigs that are bred at Noble Mini Pigs, unique characteristics and traits of our Juliana and Mini Pigs.

Juliana Pigs

The Juliana pig, often referred to as the “Miniature Painted Pig,” is known for its distinctive spotted coloring and athletic build. Originating from Europe through selective breeding, these pigs have tiny legs and feet and are conformationally sound, without a pronounced pot belly or sway back. Juliana pigs should never appear pudgy or heavily wrinkled. They are bred for their friendly temperament and intelligence, making them highly social and trainable pets. The breed is ideal for those seeking a vibrant and affectionate companion.

Mini Pigs

Mini pigs, unrelated to the potbelly breed, are prized for their even temperament and friendly disposition. These pigs are intelligent and highly trainable, making them suitable for indoor homes. With a compact and sturdy size, mini pigs come in various colors and markings due to diverse breeding. They possess a healthy, robust, and athletic build, allowing them to move and run freely. This variety makes them perfect pets for those looking for a small, lively, and affectionate companion.

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