Mini Pig Info

Noble Mini Pig Info

If you’re considering adding a new pet to your home, you might think of a cat or a dog. But have you thought about a mini pig? Noble Mini Pigs bring joy, companionship, and a touch of uniqueness to your family. These intelligent and affectionate pets quickly become beloved members of any household. Welcome a Noble Mini Pig into your life and experience the delight they bring.

Why Our Piglets Stand Out

What sets Noble Mini Pigs apart from the rest? Our piglets are bred with care, ensuring they are healthy, socialized, and ready to join your family. They are handled and socialized daily, making them friendly and well-adjusted pets. Choose a Noble Mini Pig and see the difference quality breeding makes.


What's included?

Piggy Care packet

Comprehensive care information and tips.

Spay / Neuter Surgery

Ensuring a healthy start.

Health Guarantee

Peace of mind with our health guarantee.

Food and Water dish

Essential supplies for your new pet.


Perfect for early training.

Measuring Scoops

Perfect portions every time.

Registration Papers

Certified lineage and registration.

Food mix

A starter bag of our recommended diet.

Trust Us For The Perfect Piglet!

We take pride in offering the finest quality Juliana piglets available today. With Noble Mini Pigs, you can trust that you are getting the best piglet to fit perfectly into your life and home.

1. Ethical Breeding Practices

We are dedicated to ethical breeding. Our parent pigs are cherished members of our family, raised in our home. We ensure they are fully mature before breeding and never overbreed or inbreed. We are NOT a “piggy mill” and prioritize quality over quantity.

2. Genuinely Miniature

We accurately describe our pigs as ‘miniature pigs,’ with parents ranging from 14 to 15 inches tall. They are actually small, not starved to stay small. Beware of misleading terms like ‘teacup pig’ or ‘micro pig.’ These are not actual breeds, just deceptive marketing terms.

3. Health and Quality Assurance

We start at the top with our parent pigs, giving them the best diet available to ensure healthy babies. We pride ourselves on producing healthy, high-quality piglets. Each piglet comes with a health guarantee and is free from mites, mange, and worms.

4. Proper Weaning and Diet

Our piglets stay with their mother until weaning for optimal nutrition. Once at the appropriate age, they are gradually transitioned to a diet of pellets, vegetables, and are started on vitamins. We do not sell “bottle babies,” as piglets thrive best with their mothers.

5. Socialization and Care

From birth, our piglets are handled and socialized daily. Raised in our home, they are exposed to various household sounds, ensuring they are comfortable with human interaction. By the time they are weaned, they are well-adjusted and ready for their new families.

View Available Babies

Take a look at all of our adorable baby pigs for sale! Choose your perfect baby at Noble Mini Pigs!

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