Parent Pigs

Meet Our Parent Pigs

Our parent pigs are the heart of our breeding program. Each pig is chosen for their small size, sweet temperaments, great looks, and unique coloring. All of our parents were raised in our home, even sleeping on our couches—they are truly part of our family. Healthy, happy pigs make happy, healthy babies!

Get to know the wonderful pigs who make our adorable piglets possible.

DOB 10/31/22


Meet Ni’klaus, our tiny wonder. This little guy stands out with his striking heterochromia—one blue eye and one brown eye—and his bright white coat. Niklaus is not just about looks; he has the best temperament and personality, making him the sweetest pig you’ll ever meet. His gentle and affectionate nature makes him a standout in our breeding program.

This ham-some fella is one of our outside residents!

Registered JPAR Purebred Juliana

DOB 05/09/21


MJ is a stunning example of Juliana breed excellence. With her great coloring and wonderful conformation, she sports a unique marble coat that is a beautiful mix of dark silver, black, and touches of white for definition. MJ maintains a great small size in adulthood, making her an ideal addition to our breeding program. Her striking appearance and exceptional traits ensure that she produces equally remarkable piglets.

Registered JPAR Purebred Juliana

DOB 08/20/22


Daenerys is most definitely a queen! Small in size but big in personality, she loves laying in your lap and snuggle time. She’s just the funniest girl, always bringing joy and laughter. Her charming and playful nature makes her a delightful companion and an excellent addition to our breeding program.

(Pig-ture from Christmas)

Registered JPAR Purebred Juliana

DOB 10/07/21


Snookie features a bright white coat with a gray aura and deep black spots. She is absolutely the sweetest girl! Snookie has our smallest babies with the most beautiful colors. While she doesn’t have blue eyes herself, she carries the gene for it. She’s a fantastic mother, incredibly patient and trusting, allowing you to care for her and her babies without hesitation. Snookie has the best manners in everything she does.

Registered JPAR Purebred Juliana

IMG_5098 2
DOB 08/20/22


Ontari is a super sweet and special girl with amazing color, gorgeous spots, and a very loving personality. She is absolutely the sweetest and most patient pig you’ll ever meet. Her gentle and affectionate nature makes her an excellent addition to our breeding program. Ontari is the sister of Daenerys, and together they bring a lot of joy and charm to our family.

Registered JPAR Purebred Juliana

DOB 08/15/21


Don’t be fooled by the angle of her pig-ture, this mama has a bold personality! Kesha is incredibly smart with wonderful conformation and is a great mother who produces the sweetest piglets! She also has one striking blue eye that adds to her unique charm.

Registered JPAR Purebred Juliana

IMG_5057 2
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